Testimonies are important! They are your story, they encourage other people and in the Bible Jesus is clear that we are to tell others of the great things he has done.

If you find any of these testimonies encouraging then let us at Hope Pentecostal Community Church know!

Mark 5:19 But Jesus said, “No, go home to your family, and tell them everything the Lord has done for you and how merciful he has been.”

In the midst of our challenging times and circumstances, we have God's Word constantly reassuring us that we can participate in His invincible Life, when we put our trust in Christ.

By God's grace, my devotional posts here are dedicated to providing you with encouragement to discover ever more of His Life which surpasses all circumstances through comfort, counsel and reassurance in equal measure.

David Shepherd

Here you'll find all sorts of posts from a number of people at Hope Pentecostal Community Church on a wide range of topics.

Here at Hope Pentecostal Community Fellowship we try to record parts of the service so people can catch up if they haven't been able to make the service.

We hope these audio recordings bless you and if they do then please share them!

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Where we meet

Hope Pentecostal Community Church meets at:

Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College
Ballantyne Road
GU14 8SS

Drive through the gates, bear right and we're in the blue double doors just past the Reception which is on the left. You'll see our board outside.

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