Easter Prayer Walk

Easter Prayer Walk

This Easter Sunday we didn't have our usual church service and instead had a prayer walk around the Prospect Estate in Farnborough on which we meet and on which many of us live.

Prayer walks are good; they give people a chance to talk amongst themselves and to the people you meet; they provide something 'different' which often allows people to refocus their spiritual aims; they allow people to pray for their community, for their neighbours and friends.

Our first stop was at the temporary shrine for the young man stabbed to death recently. It was very moving to see the words and effects that people had left. We often think that young people today are not interested in spiritual things but when something like this happens you can see what people feel inside when they get to express themselves.

Next stop as at a roundabout which acts as one of the main entrances to the estate. Another stop was at a dedicated play area where a lot of the young people get together to play or meet. It's important we pray for young people, they are our future.

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