Sunday 12 February 2023

In summary  - we were encouraged by our visiting speaker, Pastor Beverley Sinclair from 2 Corinthians 5 v 1 -7 and Ecclesiastes 12

That the word of the living God is telling us that this is not all there is in life,. God has great and marvellous things in store for us. God is in control of all things and though we will go through hard things, physical pain, emotional pain, mental pain, remember this, it is through Gods word we will gain comfort.

Remember this, the God of heaven and the Ruler of the universe loves us, cares for us, has our best interest at heart, has our future in his hand and therefore let us not despair when sorrow and troubles come because greater is ahead for us. The light afflictions (i.e .sickness, pain, struggles in life etc.) are short and temporary, but what God has in store for us cannot be compared to this weight, for the glory that God has in store for us.

Be encouraged, encourage yourself and each other.

God bless.



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